Financial institutions and their borrowers encounter sensitive legal issues. A finance attorney can help with them all.

Do not attempt to sort out your company's financial affairs without legal counsel.


We represent borrowers, as well as banks and other financial institutions, in a variety of financing transactions, including domestic and cross-border transactions, secured and unsecured loans, revolving credit facitlities, letters of credit, leveraged buyouts, equity participations, senior and subordinated debt positions, and related transactions.

An experienced finance attorney will ensure that your deal closes on time and that you are always protected.


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Your questions about finance

The acquisition of a company using almost entirely debt secured by the assets of the acquired company.

A secured transaction is one that requires collateral property to secure a loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can use the collateral to repay the loan.

A negotiable instrument is a document representing the unconditional promise to pay a specific amount of money. Examples are currency, checks, and promissory notes.

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