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Business Law

Business law can be complex. We help businesses with a broad range of legal issues.

Roger Loomis can provide legal representation for you, too.

Businesss Law

Business law is the practice of law that focuses on the dealings of commercial entities. There are many different areas of business law, and Roger Loomis provides experienced legal representation in many of those areas.

Businesses need an array of legal services. They need start-up advice, including whether to organize as a corporation, partnership or LLC. They need employment contracts and compensation arrangements. They need equity and debt financing. They need bank financing. They need assistance on mergers and aquisitions. Roger Loomis can help with these and more.


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Your questions about
business law

Many factors must be considered to answer this question, including legal liability, tax implications, formation cost and ongoing expenses, flexibility, and future needs.

Succession planning is something many businesses do not consider, but they should. Roger Loomis can help business owners plan for the future.

Any major event in the life of a business requires a lawyer. An experienced business attorney can help mitigate potential problems before they arise and ensure the success of your business now and in the future.

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